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Public Arts

2024 Festival of Flowers

Alongside the Mobile Art's Council, I contributed to an installation celebrating the creativity of Lonnie Johnson, inventor of the Super Soaker, for the 2024 City of Mobile Festival of Flowers. Using moss, wood, and mulch, I crafted a sculpture of Lonnie alongside two wooden Super Soaker replicas. Additionally, I assisted in arranging the installation for a memorable festival experience. The installation was displayed in Cathedral Square from March 8th-12th

Mardi Gras Float 

For the Mobile Mardi Gras Seasons spanning 2021-24, I had the privilege of contributing my skills as I conceptualized, designed, and painted four floats and three props for the local Pharaohs Mardi Gras organization. These builds were put on display during parades and events, adding to the joyful spirit of celebration that defines Mardi Gras in Mobile

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